Over the four years of high school, each student will complete a sequence of courses. The grade-level sequences include HISP courses (literature/composition and social science); other core subjects (mathematics and science); foreign languages; and electives. Below are the course sequences for HISP students by grade level.

See Course Descriptions for details on HISP Courses. See CKMís Course Catalog for information on other core courses, foreign language classes, and electives.

All sequences include Summer Reading requirements. Marching Band may count for physical education credit for two years.

Course titles below are meant to correspond with course names as they appear on a studentís report card or transcript; note that Writerís Workshop may appear as Writing Skills.

Grade 9
(Six classes required)

  • World Civilization
  • World Literature and Composition (English 9)
  • Physical Science (P) or Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Foreign Language
  • Physical Education

Grade 10
(Seven classes required)

  • HISP Critical Thinking/Writerís Workshop (one semester each; zero period)
  • HISP World CulturesóAfrica, Latin America, Middle East, Asia
  • HISP World LiteratureóAfrica, Latin America, Middle East, Asia
  • Mathematics
  • Biology (P) or Chemistry (P/HP)
  • Foreign Language
  • Physical Education

Grade 11
(Six classes required; students may enroll in additional classes)

  • HISP U.S. History 11 (HP)
  • HISP American Literature 11 (HP)
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry (P/HP) or Physics (P/AP) or Biology (AP) or Anatomy and Physiology
  • Foreign Language
  • Fine Arts or Other Elective

Grade 12
(Six classes required; students may enroll in additional classes)

  • U.S. Government (AP)/Comparative World Governments (HP)
  • English 12 Literature/Composition (AP)
  • Modern Economics (P) (one semester)
  • Mathematics or an Elective
  • Physics (P/AP) or Biology (AP) or Chemistry (P/HP) or Anatomy and Physiology or an Elective
  • Foreign Language or an Elective

P=College Preparatory; HP= Honors Program; AP=Advanced Placement

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