Brightening Birthdays for homeless children
The Family Shelter at the Mather Community Campus provides a monthly birthday celebration for the children staying in the shelter through a program called Brightening Birthdays. Birthdays are a luxury that the homeless families and shelters cannot afford. Through the Community Service Workgroup and Volunteers of America, monthly celebrations are arranged for children in the shelter, including parties and donations of baked goods and gifts. For information or to volunteer.

McKinley Library Volunteers Needed
Students are needed to volunteer at the McKinley Library. See flyer for more information.

Volunteers Needed for Sac City Events
Visit the Sac City website for detailed information.

[Learn about other community service opportunities]


VAPA’s “Legally Blonde”
McClatchy High School’s Visual and Performing Arts program will be presenting five performances of “Legally Blonde,” in May. Show times are as follows:

  • May 2 7 pm
  • May 3 3:30 pm
  • May 4 7 pm
  • May 10 3:30 pm
  • May 11 7 pm

Host Families Need for French Exchange Students
McClatchy High School is seeking host families for French students from March 4 to 15. Host families do not need to speak French; students have a good knowledge of English. Students are between age 16 and 18 and all attend a private school next to the city of Nancy, in eastern France. For information, contact Elina Callahan.

Belgian Exchange Hosts Needed
Host families are needed for approximately 60 Belgian exchange students and 4 chaperones/teachers looking from Wednesday March 28 till Thursday April 12, 2018. Contact and with questions or to volunteer.

Host an Exchange Student
Share your world with an exchange student! Students are coming from around the world this summer (short term) and for the next school year. Girls and boys from Europe, Asia, South America all need good host families to welcome them to McClatchy High School. For more information call Lori Tibbett, Regional Director, 916-440-6626.

Sacramento Theatre Company
Wells Fargo Pavilion
For more information please visit Sacramento Theatre Company or contact Julie Law at
446-7501 ext. 120.

[Discover more cultural event opportunities.]

News & Announcements

Scholarship Info Available at CKM College & Career Center

CKM’s College & Career Center has added scholarship information for college-bound seniors to its website. The College and Career Center offers a assistance including bringing college recruiters to CKM, meeting with students and their parents; helping students complete college applications; assisting students with their college essays; and posting scholarship bulletins to alert students/parents to potential funding for post-secondary education. In addition, the Center works closely with CKM's Counseling Office to ensure students are aware of college entrance testing (ACT, PSAT, SAT) opportunities on campus.

Scholarship Opportunity

Each year the APSEA Foundation awards educational scholarships to residents of the greater Sacramento region attending four year universities/colleges, community colleges, and vocational schools. TheAPSEA Foundation has awarded approximately $100,000 in scholarships over the last ten years, and scholarship applications are currently being accepted for the 2018-19 academic year.

Applications must be completed and submitted electronically at: by 11:59 pm on February 28th.

HISP Logo Wear Is Here!

Be cool in school! Buy your HISP apparel online. All proceeds go to the HISP program, specifically to fund field trips for all students.

Become a HISP Sponsor

HISP asks that you to consider investing your donation dollars in sponsorship of specific types of activities central to the HISP experience. Sponsors will be recognized, by sponsorship level, at the annual HISP Barbeque held each May and via electronic correspondence with our ListServ email group. Sponsors will also be specifically acknowledged for their donations with such recognition as sponsor name plates in paperback novels, placards on field trip buses, and student-written thank you cards after a field trip.

Make your contribution today; every donation is valued!

Amount Sponsor Level Support activities & resources such as:
$1000 and up Ambassador
  • 1 grade level set of tickets to a play.
  • 1 charter bus to San Francisco for a field trip.
  • 1 set of HISP t-shirts for the incoming Freshman class at the HISP Night of Welcome.
$501 to $999 Diplomat
  • 1 class set of tickets to the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival (freshman class only).
  • 1 class set of regular paperback novels.
$251 to $500 World Traveler
  • 1 class set of novels (Dover Thrift).
$100 to $250 Tourist
  • 1 classroom wall map - world or regional.
  • 1 substitute teacher to cover field trip days.
  • 1 school bus for local field trips.
Under $100 Day Tripper
  • CKM sweatshirt for guest speakers.
  • Stipends to application essay readers.

Checks should be made payable to CKM-HISP and mailed c/o Ms. Ellen Wong at C.K. McClatchy High School, 3066 Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95818. If you would like to sponsor a specific activity or resource, please note this on the memo line of your check. If you recently made a contribution and would like to target a specific activity or resource with those funds, please email Ms. Wong.


HISP Donations Continue
PayPal Now Available

Many thanks to those parents who made have made recent donations to HISP (see HISP Donors). With a strong first quarter start and continued donations into the second quarter, we are within reach of our fundraising goal of $25,000. Funds received beyond our fundraising goal are allocated to the HISP Fund for Excellence which provides mini-grants to teachers and staff to strengthen academic offerings or enhance electives, the arts, and the humanities at CKM. Last year in partnership with the PTSA, the fund provided money for science, math, photography, and world language materials and equipment that directly benefited students. For parents wishing to make an online donation (either one-time or recurring monthly), HISP now offers a PayPal option (see HISP Donors to access the donate buttons). And finally, as the tax year comes to an end, remember that your donation to HISP is tax deductible. As always, thank you for supporting HISP.

California State Employees Charitable Campaign HISP Designation Code: 27960

Sacramento Public Library:
Virtually At Your Fingertips

The Sacramento Public Library offers a “virtual” treasure trove of information useful to high school students. The library's online Knowledge Center Databases provides access to digital information such as newspapers and magazines, books and media, and college and careers resource. High school students will find the section “For Students (K-12)” most helpful; it features information and primary sources—such as academic journals, biographies, and a virtual reference library—they can use to complete research projects. Use your library card or obtain a temporary online e-card you can use for up to 14 days to access the databases. Those with iPhones and iPads may also download the Mango Mobile Library app to gain access to the databases from those devices.

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